Tuesday, February 1, 2011


What holds your heart and hands.
Seems never to change, though times ever change
There is no reason, some times love stays..
Regardless you want to have fellings for things..
It is what we are called to do, love all..
But when do the memories leave??
When do the  Good times come back ? ?
Is this ever true they leave, and never come again?
When love is lost, Can it again be found?
Or is it found again in the eyes that never turn?
I have shelter in the rain, I have arms that will never let me go
My Father for ever will hold me.
My kids will for ever love me.
And Though there is pain in what  Love I have in my heart and in my  memories
There is forever  to know that I have love of God, And the blessings he gives me...
For Ever.

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