Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Life out here ..

Waiting could not be more breath taking...if you open to see everything...

 This is great to walk and see...

Monday, February 27, 2012

Starting out on Photo Adventures

 Making a start out again on doing photography - :) hope it goes well :) Thank you for following  :)


Well its been a while and so far I have :

Completed a few courses on my path to my BS. :) with A and B status.. at times this was a work in itself.
I have completed paintings :)
I have restarted my stories :)
I have also worked towards work...
And top of all I have learned :) - Life more than school things, but this is the hardest concept to learn at most times.

This is  what some would call minimal progress but I would call a lot given the issues- and person things :) one must deal with life
But my greatest work this year and last has been family, though it will not be remembered as we seldom recall our child hood, what will be recalled is for me, for us. We are together, and time we stop and have moments, and those moments make the Mon-daine worthy of our time. Bless all. 

Have new blog also starting  at : http://mommasmuzings.wordpress.com/