Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Life Now

When you think that things are worse, they get that way…

And when you want them to get better…they take a long time to get that way...

Why is it that I think that things can change and why is it that I am so confused?

What is it that life thinks it can keep taking and never giving back to me? When broke is never

Broken enough for anyone to look twice and help…

When is enough to much for one person?

How do you explain broke to a child when they have faith that everything is theirs?

How I need my faith to be like a child's, God you see me through and when I always fear the worst you show me a brighter day…

Today it's cold but it's also warm, we have a house and food, and each other. Some people don't

Why is it that we can never see what we have outside of seeing what it is we don't?

I could only have the faith like a child. God I would be blessed and the richest ever.

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