Wednesday, July 20, 2011


What is letting go? What is forgiving but not forgetting??
It is peace the slow peace that comes when the storm has not yet passed, but you fell the start of  the know it has to has to come for  you to grow.
It has to flood to prove you can hold back the tides, that the nights have to be lonely, the days have to be filled with something other than tears..
You have to stand up, you have to place the rock or what was a way.
There is no rock to stand on if you don't
there is times you will sink, there are times you will be utterly alone.. but what is this?
This is the truth, you have to be alone to know the one father, the one man that will never hurt you or yours.
He is ever there, and you have to be alone to see that he will be the one holding back the rain  when it floods, and he will shelter you from the flood.
You must know this that he will let it rain, he will let the floods come, he will not shelter you till you ask him to.
He will not interfere  where he is not the center, he will not stand guard over something that is not fully his.
You have to ask him to take it from you, but  know that it is on his time, not yours.
He will bless you with seasons where you will have all you need and never see it, there will be some where  you will be happy as ever for no reason besides you have found the one that he has planed for you to find, but this is all on his time not yours.
So when you want to  do things your way know that there is a better way. Know that God's way is the one sure way to have the best seasons of life ever, even if its in a storm, you can still find the will to dance. So bless you all. :)

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  1. Thanks for the inspiration and bless you too!

    Margie :)