Saturday, July 23, 2011

Love needed...

So they tell me it is a man I need...
I tell them I have my God, and my father and my son...and a dog...all of which are more loyal.
Than a man.
They tell me I need to have faith in a man..
I tell them I do one has died for me the other saves me and  one will soon be one I will do all the above for..
and the dog well he would be loyal til death for us all..
I ask can you find me one of those..
She looks at me and but can you share yours..
I tell you this :
A man that dose not know this man in my life, is not a man it is a boy, he still wants to be taken care of..knowing he should be the one taking care of us...
This man you talk about would never replace my first love, only add to the  fact that I am loved, he would not ask me to change, from this love I have had first. To put away the idea of another man out side of him.
In stead he would follow and one day lead, if he did not understand at first he would become the man I am looking for, But know only that God comes first and family. And that there would be no changing this, for when he becomes the center and  everything has to be his way and not god's than things become oil and water, something  it never meant to be..
So I tell you this If I need a man- I will have my man bring him to me, for that is what he said he would do...A man will leave his father and mother and cling to his wife, not that the wife would leave all she knows to raise a man...Because When God blesses a union there is not one or any that will stand hell to tear it apart. because what he joins all hell wont be able to tear apart..
She looked at me, and shook her this is the man you are waiting for...
I told her no...
This is the man that is waiting for me, for when God  shows him, than he will find, and leave all for me. My search is over, and when it started it was so. Because its never me to find is him who finds me..

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