Wednesday, January 19, 2011

What is Change

The wind chills me to the core, I can't see  my hand in front  of my face. The dust settles and I see in front of me a bright blue sky..this place they have condemned as a sand box, has one thing  that now where  else has...fresh blue sky once the dust settles... The hate that poor out here, runs just like the blood that has time and time covered the ground we walk on. We can't see what they fought for here. We can't hear the  liberty and the freedom they gave for the  few, now the few are marching against us. The are shedding the  true colors for what ever is suitable for the time... the ones we fought for  are taking more and more  for them selves..Forgetting the fact that those  ones they forget are the ones that bleed and die, so the richer can get richer of the flesh of the poor. What price is paid they care not, but once they  realize that the poor are the ones that fight their wars, who protect their liberty and freedom.
But they think that these things are for them they have no price to pay.. they change their coat for what ever fits them, even if its a red coat...and they trade their colors for money...What are they all changing for...What are we all dieing for...Freedom Liberty ...of a Nation Under God.. We took God out...we threw him out of everything... now he looks on us and those that change their colors, One day he says we will only wear  one color, either his or hells...wounder what price they will pay than??
When its over ther will be no Chance to change- I pray they pick the right colors. God Bless our Country, our fighting  heros and our loves at home...Protect them all Even those who can not pick the colors...they serve.....Lord I chose to serve you, Lord, my father, Amen

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