Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Her Tears -Abuse

Her tears poor down her face as she sees her father yell, her mother shakes in fear. She has seen them fight so much that she is scared that  her mother will leave her. How fearful she is of her father, is this how she is to grow up? She thinks and she hopes in the corner where they can not see her.What if it wasn't like this? Is this all her fault? What if she wasn't there to cause problems between them? Seems all they do is fight now.  She will remember this moment for ever..though she prays to forget.And one day there may be a chance that she will carry this on to her family, because this is what she knows, and thinks is normal. She will think this is how a man is to be to a woman, because her mother  never stopped it, or couldn't. She will subconsciously go about and find the same path her mother found. It's a Cycle..
This is how most  children grow up, crouched in the corner hearing their mother and father fight and sometimes it turns worse. They will never for get this time in their lives. They may even go on the same path later in life. We can make it better for them, if we let others know how to  break the cycle.

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