Tuesday, November 8, 2011

To Look to a better day...

What is it to look to a better day?
To not see what there is right now.
There is a sky full of stars, some are firsts of anything, as one dies another is born out of the gases left...behind
Crappy start I would think, to be something that was just left over, and discarded.
In the eyes of the lost there is a new begining and hope, but when some one is found they think they have the key, and what is it with out being shared, if you keep it to your self it will be all bust lost again..
For you have lost the look of need, and have found what others have lost.
So I tell you the key before I lose it, To for something that is not what you are finding, you have to look as if you are not there.
To see what is there, you have to stand in the silence, and look again, even if you have to make it silent..
You have to be still to see it..its there..just past where you just looked..keep looking, see the sparkle ? there it is..now go and share it...

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