Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Day of Thanks

Behind on the Days of thanks : 1) for the lives of family 2) for the lives of friends and the safety there of. 3) life it self 4) for all that has 4 legs in my life, and everyone else s. 5) for the best things in life seem to come in odd numbers...five loves, my god, my kids , my guy and of course my dog...sometimes cat..(well if you dont get mathy its 5....lol 6) for the things that are second to the best either come in a six pack ( MNT DEW >..People..) or 12, but we are not on 12...7) The times I think i said um yeah..you know I am mom...you should listen...yeah..bout that.. 8) a new one... The sun rise over the stars, as the stars fade, its sweet reminder that we don't part with things that God creates, we are temporary as are all things, but we get forever.